Corsair iCUE LS100 450mm Smart Lighting Strip Expansion Kit

  • Expand your lighting: Add 2x additional 450mm strips with 27 individually addressable LEDs each to your ambient lighting setup (requires iCUE LS100 smart lighting strip starter kit, sold separately).
  • Immersive ambient lighting: extend your RGB lighting beyond your PC, bathing your environment in diffused colors and intricate lighting effects to create an immersive backdrop.
  • Integrate with games and media: dynamically match the on-screen action in games, Movies, and videos, or turn your room into a living Visualizer for your music.
  • Powerful iCUE software: fully customize and synchronize RGB lighting across all your Corsair RGB icue-compatible products, including fans, DRAM, keyboard, and more.

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Out of stock

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Product Specification

  • Control Scheme: RGB Lighting
  • RGB Channels: n.a.
  • Max RGB devices per controller: n.a.
  • RGB Strip diffusion: Yes
  • RGB Strip length: 300mm, 500mm
  • Weight: 0.164
  • Fan Headers: n.a.
  • Fan Control: n.a.
  • USB connection: n.a.
  • Thermistor ports: n.a.
  • System Requirements: LS100 Starter Kit, PC with USB port, Latest iCUE software, Windows 10, 8